Aluminized Basflex ripstop Aluminized Fabric

Aluminized Basflex ripstop Aluminized Fabric

Aluminized Basflex ripstop is a lightweight, versatile, and flexible aluminized fabric with outstanding protection against flame, molten metal splash, and radiant heat. It is a blend consisting of 17% Basofil, 83% para-aramid, and is aluminized on one side.

Basofil is an advanced melamine fiber and has excellent dimensional stability, superior thermal protective performance (TPP) value, low thermal conductivity, ultraviolet (UV) radiation resistance, and combines well with other fibers when processed into fabrics. Another characteristic of Basofil is that it is non-toxic with no VOC (volatile organic compounds) off-gassing, which makes it safe for PPE garments. The addition of para-aramid to the blend reinforces the fabric's thermal protective properties, and adds strength and durability. Finally, the aluminized coating provides superior protection from radiant heat.

Aluminized Basflex riptstop meets several safety standards, including the ASTM F955, EN ISO 16112, and the NFPA 1971-2018. These standards cover both molten metal splash for fabrics used in industrial settings, and fire fighters' apparel and turnout gear.


• Excellent radiant heat protection

• Lightweight and flexible

• Molten metal splash protection for both aluminum and iron

• Meets ASTM F955, EN ISO 11612, NFPA 1971- 2018