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APPI Energy

American Foundry Society has endorsed APPI Energy to provide data-driven procurement solutions that reduce and manage electricity and natural gas supply costs for members on an ongoing basis. Every day, APPI Energy identifies the wide range of energy supplier prices across the U.S., and utilizes that data to provide the lowest prices available among many vetted, competing suppliers.  In addition to competitive energy procurement, APPI Energy also provides efficiencies consulting, such as demand response, energy reporting systems, and facility audits. APPI Energy has also worked with customers for renewable energy sources, such as solar, wind, hydro systems, or biomass facilities. APPI Energy’s work over the past 24 years has earned us the endorsement of AFS and 160 other affinity groups, trade associations, and chambers of commerce. APPI Energy provides our members a comprehensive way to reduce energy expenses and create budget certainty. Through our procurement services, APPI Energy negotiates with suppliers to ensure you are provided with ideal pricing and contract terms to fit your needs. APPI Energy’s holistic energy services provide financially and functionally vetted solutions to decrease energy costs, reduce demand, and improve resiliency and sustainability. Negotiate on your behalf - Always advocate for you, not the supplier or utility. Minimize Risk - Analyze contracts and monitor regulatory changes. Provide Customized Solutions - Comprehensive facility evaluations of demand and usage pro le. We offer recommendations most impactful to your operations. Save You Time - Evaluate local utility and government policies to ensure all incentives are captured. For more information about APPI Energy’s services, please feel free to contact us at 800-520-6685, or visit our website,    

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Dakota Software

In 1988, Dakota Software introduced the first-ever EHS compliance software. Originally designed to automate the environmental auditing process, we envisioned the need for preventative solutions and pioneered the proactive EHS compliance movement. Our ProActivity Suite features an onboard regulatory library and facility-specific profiles that help ensure local compliance while synchronizing global EHS programs. Our solutions simplify compliance planning, automate activities and notifications, and centralize documentation and insights.

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DustMASTER Enviro Systems

DustMASTER offers a performance proven solution for processing very difficult-to-handle waste streams–from cupola dust and foundry sand to shot blast. The DustMASTER process converts these materials into a uniform, non-dusting product that can be easily recycled, transported, and disposed of economically. DustMASTER also offers three (3) different style mixers for dry and low moisture castable refractory materials. Our Prashak horizontal shaft paddle mixer has been the mainstay in the refractory industry for the last 40 years. The rugged Turbin Mixer is a pan style unit excellent for fast homogenous mixes. And introduced in 2007, our patented Planetary mixer has many different mixing applications. This style mixer is the first of its kind built in the United States.

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ETA Engineering, Inc.

ETA Engineering, Inc. is a leader in industrial ventilation, air pollution control and turnkey dust collection systems. From concept to compliance, ETA Engineering provides the analysis, design, fabrication and system installation, tailored to meet customer needs and individual facility process application.  At ETA Engineering, we design and install systems that deal with common particulate control like silica as well as lead, acid gases and hazardous fume control.  Due to stringent technical requirements of such systems, most standard engineering firms find it challenging handling the demands, issues and obstacles faced by our customers. That’s where ETA’s expertise and understanding of the industry is key.  Our technology-based solutions, experienced innovative engineering and solid team approach provides not only a functional system for our customers, but one that has been designed with operating and maintenance costs in mind. We’ve bridged the technical gap commonly found between design engineering firms and fabrication and installation contractors. ETA Engineering owns and operates our own on-site fabrication facility allowing us to assure on time deliveries, quality and tolerances.   In addition, ETA Engineering has a field service group which provides installation for our customers.  ETA has the personnel to install dust collectors of course, but also ductwork, hoods, platforms, mezzanines, stairs, ladders, equipment and process piping.  ETA’s field service group can also do minor repair work and ductwork balancing.  Whether your air pollution control system is an ETA Engineering system or not, our field service group can assist your facility. At ETA Engineering, we work hard to develop long term relationships with our clients, doing what it takes to understand their specific needs and applications. Our ongoing focus on innovation from concept to compliance constantly drives our search for improved products and services. Call ETA Engineering today 800-988-2656 or

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Green Packaging Inc. costs foundries millions of dollars every year!  Green Packaging, Inc. helps foundries save money and improve quality by eliminating rust on their castings using VCI (Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor) technology. Now you can effectively prevent rust on your castings without the use of petroleum-based oils and greases. The rust prevention experts at Green Packaging, Inc. have solved complex rust and corrosion problems for many of the largest foundries in North America. Foundries rely on us for the most effective, safest, and cleanest corrosion inhibiting systems on the market.  Our Rust Guard Premium VCI bags are specifically formulated for the protection of cast metals, making them the obvious and best choice for preventing rust on your valuable castings.  All of our Rust Guard Premium VCI products are heavy metal-free, amine-free and sodium nitrite-free, making them the safest VCI products on the market for employee health and the environment. Don't let rust and corrosion damage your castings and your reputation. Contact us for a free corrosion consultation, free samples, or for more information about our Green VCI products.  Protect every casting. Rust Prevention....Guaranteed!

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Guardian Software Systems, Inc.

The Guardian ERP Solution with MES provides your shop floor workers with access to all of your safety documentation, SDS sheets, safety videos and instructions at the click of a button. No more dirty old notebooks in the corner someplace with old, outdated safety information -- time wasted searching for the appropriate document. Guardian MES provides instant access to the topics related to the job at hand. From safely using presses and mold machinery to pouring exotic metals to safely handling and shipping your parts, information is always just a click away. Over the past 30+ years, Guardian has become a trusted software and service provider to the most innovative and recognized foundries in America. Our deep understanding of the foundry market and experience working specifically with foundries enable us to identify and address problems quickly. We designed our ERP and MES software packages for the foundry, to help foundries gain a competitive advantage. Guardian...the next generation in ERP and MES Software.

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Hi-Vac Corporation

For over 40 years, Hi-Vac has provided the best industrial vacuum equipment for the most demanding applications. Hi-Vac Industrial Vacuum Systems are used in a wide variety of applications and locations, including power plants, chemical plants, glass manufacturing, cement facilities, foundries and various manufacturing facilities where safety, efficiency, recycling, environmental compliance, and effective material management are critical. The Hi-Vac 400 Series portable industrial vacuum is particularly ideal for facilities that need to focus on silica removal, especially in light of the more strict OSHA guidelines. The 800 Series and the 400 Series move dry material, wet material or liquids through up to 900 feet of vacuum hose or a Hi-Vac designed in-plant piping system using a powerful 18” Hg vacuum producer. For more information, please visit or call 1-800-752-2400



ITOCHU Ceratech Corporation, the manufacturer of Cerabeads® ceramic sand, has improved the environment of foundries worldwide by replacing silica. Our company was originally founded as the Naigai Refractory Co. Ltd. in 1960 for the purpose of manufacturing and sales of sintered refractory materials and sized pellets. Since then our product line has grown to include chamotte, synthetic mullite, aluminite, sintered spinal, and of course, Cerabeads® ceramic sand. Providing refractory materials to the metal casting industry for over half a century, our goals are to provide high quality materials, improved efficiency, cost savings and a clean working environment.



Since 1988, KERAMIDA has supported foundries and metals industries nationwide and abroad with a full range of environmental compliance, engineering, audits, remediation, health & safety, sustainability, management system and energy use reduction services, in support of iron, steel, aluminum, brass foundries, die casters, forgers and related industries. KERAMIDA offers nationally recognized experts in air emission inventories, storm water compliance and silica management services. Many KERAMIDA principals have worked in the foundry industry for more than 25 years and work closely with AFS and many state casting associations. Our professionals' unique understanding of environmental systems and technologies, OSHA requirements, risk management, industrial processes, and governmental policies and strategies is an asset to our foundry clients. KERAMIDA works to develop unique, cost-effective solutions to the specific concerns of foundries and related metals industries to maintain compliance with environmental, health and safety regulations and thrive in a challenging business environment.  

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Luxme International Ltd.

Luxme’s mission: "Better ENGINEERING to build Better EQUIPMENT that deliver Better VALUE! With extensive process engineering expertise, Luxme is recognized as the experts in tubular chain conveying and automatic bag slitting. Our expertise extends into handling dry, sticky, hot and abrasive materials. Our conveyors have the ability to move product in a dust free and segregated manner avoiding contamination, cross-contamination and product degradation.  For over 40 years, Luxme International has supplied project driven solutions to meet the needs of individual customers for highly reliable and durable products. Foundry Industry Applications: ‘Front of the Line’ and ‘In-Process’ solutions for dust free material handling. The equipment is used to convey material from truck, railcar, bulk bag, bag unloading systems and move product to storage or plant processes including 'End of the Line' packaging and unloading systems.

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Quad City Safety

  At Quad City Safety our goal is to provide workers the RIGHT safety products at the RIGHT price ON TIME.  We stay up to date with information on regulations, standards, best practices, and the latest and greatest PPE has to offer because it’s our job to help get people home safe. We make our customer’s aware of the changes and educate them on what they can do to become safer and more compliant.  You have a safety program to run so let us help you solve problems when it comes to PPE.  We will do the research for you to incorporate new technologies and products into your companies PPE offering and streamline purchases of those products through standardization and custom web-based ordering.  It’s been our pleasure to provide this service to the workforce for over 5 decades.  Safety is your life, it’s our business and we won’t let you fail. Feature on Quad City Safety in Contractor Supply Magazine  

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Schust™ provides turnkey industrial ventilation systems that clean the air in which employees work in.  We understand the challenges industrial environments face today and have a flexible approach to project management.  At Schust™, we promise to design, fabricate, and install innovative air pollution control solutions that will exceed expectations.   When your plant facility is affected by respirable crystalline silica emission exposures, it is important to determine that your ventilation systems are operating as intended.  Schust™ will work in conjunction with your industrial hygienist and IH audits to design a system that reduces worker’s silica exposure.   With nearly four centuries of combined experience, Schust™ has the experience and know-how to help get industrial facilities with harmful emission exposures on the path to meeting their compliance goals one step at a time.

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Scientific Dust Collectors

Scientific Dust Collectors® began business in 1981 when our first patented improvement for cleaning a filtering media was issued.  Since then, subsequent patents have been issued that relate to further improvements in dust collector cleaning technologies.  Scientific Dust Collectors is an autonomous division of Venturedyne Ltd., a large diversified industrial manufacturing corporation with divisions involved with dust collection, indoor air quality, magnetic detection and separation equipment, environmental test chamber and sub-micron particle counting for clean rooms.  In 2020, we now have an ASHRAE Standard 199 Testing Lab audited and Certified by Blue Heaven Technologies.   Scientific Dust Collectors manufactures a complete line of dry dust collection equipment:  Baghouse and Cartridge Collectors, Bin Vent and Filter Receiver Collectors, Cyclone and Downdraft Table Collectors.  We also offer Automatic PreCoat Systems, Drop Out Boxes, Explosion Vents, Fan Silencers, HEPA Filters, OSHA Ladders, Rotarty Airlocks and Replacement Parts. We can also provide Custom Engineering, Explosion Protection & NFPA Guidance & Equipment, Loading Calculations, System & Ducting Design. The performance superiority of Scientific Dust Collectors is not just an idle claim.  It is based on sound theory, solid engineering practices, and extensive field experience.  Combined with our High Side Inlets, Wide Filter Spacing, and Inlet Baffling, we are able to guarantee performance, efficiency, and filter life.   "Quality means doing it right when no one else is looking."  - Henry Ford

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TDJ Group Inc.

The TDJ Group, Inc. is a manufacturer of cost-effective, proprietary chemicals, which are used to stabilize heavy metal wastes for a wide range of industry, including soil remediation, foundry/metal casting, smelting, lead paint abatement, wire chopping, metal recovery and industrial waste recycling. Regardless of waste type, all of TDJ Chemistries have been performance tested & validated for long-term stability by EPA, Federal Highway Administration and the US Department of Defense.

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Innovator. Game changer. Pioneer. Since the 1960s TRC has set the bar for clients who require more than just engineering, combining science with the latest technology to devise innovative solutions that stand the test of time. Today we are a global consulting firm for the power, environmental and infrastructure markets all backed by our digital solutions practice. TRC’s 5,000 professionals and experts work with a broad range of commercial, industrial and government clients and the communities they serve. We deliver breakthrough solutions that address local needs – so our clients can better serve and succeed in an ever-changing world. TRC has served the metal casting industry for 40+ years with comprehensive environmental services.  Most recently, we have assisted foundry clients in complying the requirements of OSHA’s revised standard for exposure to respirable silica.  TRC industrial hygienists and engineers are active in the AFS Health and Safety Committee, providing workshops on meeting the respirable silica standard and in silica sampling methods development. Our additional environmental services include process engineering/ventilation design; air quality and testing; environmental permitting and licensing; solid waste management; remediation and site assessment; environmental, health and safety management; sustainability; and biological studies/cultural resources management.

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