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Schust™ provides turnkey industrial ventilation systems that clean the air in which employees work in.  We understand the challenges industrial environments face today and have a flexible approach to project management.  At Schust™, we promise to design, fabricate, and install innovative air pollution control solutions that will exceed expectations.   When your plant facility is affected by respirable crystalline silica emission exposures, it is important to determine that your ventilation systems are operating as intended.  Schust™ will work in conjunction with your industrial hygienist and IH audits to design a system that reduces worker’s silica exposure.   With nearly four centuries of combined experience, Schust™ has the experience and know-how to help get industrial facilities with harmful emission exposures on the path to meeting their compliance goals one step at a time.


Pulse Jet Baghouse

Standard Model for applications requiring 1,244 to 5,254 ft2 of cloth area per unit with 10′ or 12′ long filter bags. Extended Model for applications requiring 4,606 to 16,592 ft2 of cloth area per unit with 10′ or 12′ long filter bags. Pleated Element Model for applications requiring 211 to 1,960 ft2 of cloth area per unit with 20″, 40″,...[more]


Engineering and Design

With skilled designers and Professional Engineers (PE) on staff, Schust™ provides the most extensive engineering and design expertise that provides the most innovative solutions for the problems of industrial air pollution.  Schust™ knows the unique challenges your industry faces today.   Engineering and design of an optimized air pollution control system requires the co...[more]



Fabrication capabilities are performed in-house by AWS certified welders that follow an in-house quality control and inspection program.  Quality fabrication projects are completed in the areas of dust collectors, duct work, and other specialty fabrication.  Finishing operations include SSPC capabilities....[more]


Installation & Commissioning

Schust™ Installation and Commissioning field crews have the experience to ensure safe and quality air pollution control system (APC) installations.  Each one is required to pass various safety training and wear personal protection equipment (PPE). Our supervised field crews specialize in dust collector erection and ventilation duct work that follow all current safety requirements and pr...[more]


Maintenance & Inspections

Schust™ provides customers with the most comprehensive preventative maintenance and inspection services to keep air pollution control (APC) systems running as they are intended.  Customers trust Schust™ because with over 30 years of experience, they know services are performed by knowledgeable technicians. With our extensive technical and application experience, Schust™ pro...[more]


Turnkey Project Management

Schust™ provides turnkey project management solutions from concept to completion.  Schust™ has a flexible approach to turnkey project management utilizing all in-house resources and experts to estimate, design, fabricate, and install efficient air pollution control systems.  Customers wanting the highly-respected Scheuch technology to dedust and optimize clear air quality wil...[more]


Ventilation Audits & Engineering Studies

Knowing your plant ventilation systems are operating as intended, gives plant managers and employees peace of mind that they are working in a safe, properly air-balanced facility.  Schust™ ventilation audits and engineering studies do just that.  Schust™ plant ventilation audits take an in-depth view of how your facility’s dust collection and air make-up system is opera...[more]

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