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ITOCHU Ceratech Corporation, the manufacturer of Cerabeads® ceramic sand, has improved the environment of foundries worldwide by replacing silica. Our company was originally founded as the Naigai Refractory Co. Ltd. in 1960 for the purpose of manufacturing and sales of sintered refractory materials and sized pellets. Since then our product line has grown to include chamotte, synthetic mullite, aluminite, sintered spinal, and of course, Cerabeads® ceramic sand. Providing refractory materials to the metal casting industry for over half a century, our goals are to provide high quality materials, improved efficiency, cost savings and a clean working environment.


Cerabeads Ceramic Sand

Cerabeads ceramic sand is a sintered alumina which creates a synthetic crystiline mullite sand suitable for all foundry pour temeratures and binder systems.  Cerabeads can be used for facing, cores or entire molding systems.  Cerabeads offers cost savings through improved surface finish, cleaner castings and safer working environment by eliminating the silica PEL penalty. Being more dura...[more]

Cerabeads Presentation on Environmental Benefits

This presentation will give you an overview of important aspects when looking at replacing silica for ceramics as your system sand.

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