DustMASTER Enviro Systems

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DustMASTER offers a performance proven solution for processing very difficult-to-handle waste streams–from cupola dust and foundry sand to shot blast. The DustMASTER process converts these materials into a uniform, non-dusting product that can be easily recycled, transported, and disposed of economically. DustMASTER also offers three (3) different style mixers for dry and low moisture castable refractory materials. Our Prashak horizontal shaft paddle mixer has been the mainstay in the refractory industry for the last 40 years. The rugged Turbin Mixer is a pan style unit excellent for fast homogenous mixes. And introduced in 2007, our patented Planetary mixer has many different mixing applications. This style mixer is the first of its kind built in the United States.

Product Overview

Mixer Application Videos

  • Horizontal Paddle Mixers
  • Turbin Pan Mixers
  • Complete Load-Out Systems
  • Small Capacity Batch Mixing Systems
  • Custom Designed Feed and Mixing Systems

Foundry Baghouse Dust Processing